• 李偉龍

  • 黃錦龍

  • 盧柏薰

  • 麥琬珊

  • 劉景雯

  • 董繼謙

  • 鄒漫盈

  • 盧偉光

  • 黄愛倫

  • 丁珈利

  • 林彩欣

  • 黃維

  • 郭錦萍

  • 陳敏思

  • 梁靜雯

  • 陳嘉元

  • 江怡涵

  • 謝昭宇

  • 王統帥

  • 劉月萍

  • 張皓甯

  • 許義翔

  • 傅意涵

  • 吳梓寧
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APPortfolio presents selected brands and corporates the opportunity to associate themselves with Asia’s leading international young artist platform. With a significant high net worth audience from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and across the world attending, APPortfolio is an unrivalled opportunity to put your brand in front of the elite within the uniqueness of APPortfolio.

We would now like to invite brands that are interested in becoming a partner of Asia's leading young art event to contact us.


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