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每年進行大規模AAM(APPortfolio Asia Member)招募,出版AAM專屬年刊《亞洲青年創作集錄》,於兩岸三地各大書店上架。
We offer AAM application yearly and publish the annual book- APPortfolio includes all AAM works, which would be published in major bookstores in the Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


定期舉辦AAM聯合巡迴展,即「三位藝體」(Trinity Exhibition)亞洲青年創作展。*
AAM exhibition tour, 「Trinity Exhibition」will be held regularly. *


Set up creative team in alliance with AAM for experimental projects. *


Cooperate with trans-regional enterprises and charity promoting apply creativity in positive way and encourage AAM to undertake social responsibilities.  *

Fight for media resources to spread AAM works with large exposure. *


通過「RENTAL ART」項目,將AAM作品融入企業空間。*
Promote AAM in enterprise’s space through「RENTAL ART」project. *


      * 表示參與該活動的AAM將經由挑選而出,非所有入書AAM享有之權利。

      * For selected AAM only, not all AAM.




For Collaborating Units

Assist enterprises/units in building their positive image and boosting the brand value.

Provide abundant resources of talents in multi-design/art field with high capability on meeting the demand for various creative activities.

With rich experience in Our team can execute pluralistic, diversified and creative CSR activity.

Offer artistic and non-profit making project 「ACCP Project」, promoting the crossover of Art x CSR x Charity x Public.

Link up with various media partners to ensure each of the activities have been widely reported.







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Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

APPortfolio presents selected brands and corporates the opportunity to associate themselves with Asia’s leading international young artist platform. With a significant high net worth audience from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and across the world attending, APPortfolio is an unrivalled opportunity to put your brand in front of the elite within the uniqueness of APPortfolio.

We would now like to invite brands that are interested in becoming a partner of Asia's leading young art event to contact us.


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